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2020 - 2021 Academic Year Tuition Fees

The School of Foreign Language
DepartmentNon-Scholarship (₺)25% (₺)50% (₺)
Prep School32.00024.00016.000
Faculty of Education
DepartmentNon-Scholarship (₺)25% (₺)50% (₺)
English Language Teaching32.00024.00016.000
Pre-School Teaching32.00024.00016.000
Special Education Teaching32.00024.00016.000
Psychological Counselling and Guidance32.00024.00016.000
Primary School Teaching32.00024.00016.000
Faculty Of Fine Arts and Architecture
DepartmentNon-Scholarship (₺)25% (₺)50% (₺)
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design33.00024.75016.500
Faculty of Law
DepartmentNon-Scholarship (₺)25% (₺)50% (₺)
Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciencies
DepartmentNon-Scholarship (₺)25% (₺)50% (₺)
Business Administration32.00024.00016.000
International Trade and Logistics32.00024.00016.000
Political Science and International Relations32.00024.00016.000
Faculty Of Communication
DepartmentNon-Scholarship (₺)25% (₺)50% (₺)
Visual Communication Design32.00024.00016.000
Radio, Television and Cinema32.00024.00016.000
Faculty of Engineering
DepartmentNon-Scholarship (₺)25% (₺)50% (₺)
Department of Computer Engineering (English)32.00024.00016.000
Department of Software Engineering (English)32.00024.00016.000
Department of Electrical and Electronical Engineering (English)32.00024.00016.000
Department of Civil Engineering (English)32.00024.00016.000
Faculty of Health Sciencies
DepartmentNon-Scholarship (₺)25% (₺)50% (₺)
Nutrition and Dietethics32.00024.00016.000
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation32.00024.00016.000
Vocational School
DepartmentNon-Scholarship (₺)25% (₺)50% (₺)
Program of Justice20.00015.00010.000
Program of Anesthesia20.00015.00010.000
Program of Dialysis20.00015.00010.000
Program of First Aid Immadiate Aid (Paramedic)20.00015.00010.000

** The fees included in this list are applicable for our students having registered in 2020-2021 Academic Year. These fees are not applicableto our students having registered before this date.

Graduate Tuition Fees

2016 -2017 Academic Year Tuition Fee

Preparatory Class6,000
Faculty of Education6,000
Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture6,000
Faculty of Law6,000
Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences6,000
Faculty of Engineering6,000
School of Health Sciences6,000
Vocational School4,500

Year Double Major, Minor, Summer School, Leap Year And Guest Student Fee for 2016-2017 Academic Year

Faculty of Education500
Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture500
Faculty of Law550
Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences500
Faculty of Engineering500
Nutrition and Dietetics / Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Departments500
Vocational School300
School of Foreign Languages Summer School (Level Fee)4,000
Undergraduate Single Course Examination Fee (Per class)500
Associate Degree Single Class Examination Fee (per course)300

* The fee to be collected in one term may not exceed the fee of that program.
** The fees in fee section are charged per lesson.

International Graduate Tuition Fees