Preparation Program

Purpose of The Program

Hasan Kalyoncu University is an English-oriented university.
School of Foreign Languages offers 1-year language education to the departments whose undergraduate program is fully or partly English.


All students at our university will take Exemption Examination. The students getting 70 scores in English Language Teaching and the students getting 65 scores in the other departments in “Exemption and Placement” examination conducted at the beginning of the academic year are deemed successful and start their relevant departments with undergraduate programs. The students failing to get sufficient score in exemption examination continue with English education by having an intensive education program with 28 hours in a week for bringing their English knowledge to the desired levels throughout an academic year.
There are five levels in preparatory school. The students placed in English Language Teaching Department and that required to receive English preparatory education are expected to successfully complete 5th level, Advanced Level until the end of the academic year and the students placed in Faculty of Engineering and Economic, Administrative and Social Sciences that required to receive English preparatory education are expected to successfully complete 4th level, Upper-Intermediate level. Levels are as follows:

1. Elementary
2. Pre-intermediate
3. Intermediate
4. Upper-intermediate
5. Advanced

School of Foreign Languages Accredited Rapidly in Turkey

Hasan Kalyoncu University, School of Foreign Languages has completed accreditation process in a record-breaking period of 2.5 months with Pearson Assured that is the leading accreditation body of the world, holding education experience more than 100 years in more than 100 countries and has accomplished to be School of Foreign Languages that has been accredited within the shortest time possible in Turkey.

School of Foreign Languages holding international education standards aims to

  • become unique by placing importance on quality in foreign language education,
  • continuously improve quality management with annual audits,
  • increase the international reputation of Hasan Kalyoncu University within School of Foreign Languages,
  • develop competencies of preparatory program,
  • form a regular quality assurance system in its own education programs,
  • develop and streamline the operations and processes in international standards.