Founder Foundation

Gaziantep Education and Service Foundation

Gaziantep Education and Service Foundation was founded under the leadership of the deceased Hasan Kalyoncu and entrepreneur philanthropists. The primary objective of the foundation is to invest in education and help create high-quality human capital needed by our city and country where competition predominates in the global world.

The critical prerequisite for raising well-qualified people and functional society is a good education. The primary purpose of the foundation in this respect is to provide successful students with no access to education with scholarships and sheltering and to contribute to human capital which is a driving power for the development of our country.

For attaining this objective, the Foundation has been providing the thousands of students with scholarships and sheltering facility since its inception. Some of the students receiving scholarships are working as an academic member in our universities.

Being aware of the importance of higher education in a globalized world, Gaziantep Education and Service Foundation maintains to contribute to well-qualified human capital needed by our society and humanity together with Hasan Kalyoncu University founded by it.

The foundation aims to raise individuals, sensitive to developments in the country and the world, with universal moral values and dedicated, understanding the diversities and respecting human rights, with critical thinking, approaching the problems with scientific mind and self-confidence.

Hasan Kalyoncu University

Hasan Kalyoncu University has been founded for being an “education, research and innovation” focused university in Gaziantep that is a key junction of Silk Road where different religions, languages, races, cultures and civilizations are intermingled.

Launching its first academic year with three departments in Engineering-Architecture Faculty and Economic, Administrative and Social Sciences Faculty, our university added new departments to these two faculties in 2011-2012 Academic Year and students were started to be recruited in newly incorporated Law Faculty and Health Sciences Associate Degree.

Hasan Kalyoncu University aims to be research and innovation focused institution providing freedom, justice and morality-based education. Our university aspires to graduate individuals accepting diversity as affluence, researching, questioning, dedicated to law and democratic values and with knowledge and skills that will play an influential role in competitive markets of the world. Our university uses every means available for sharing and discussing scientific knowledge produced in our institution with society and gaining a solution-oriented approach.

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